Dear friends and family,

It is with great emotion and joy that we communicate that the payment of Nelson's treatment is assured!
It will not be long before traveling to the US to finally receive treatment with CAR T-Cells!

The objective of this cause / campaign is therefore suspended because it will no longer be necessary to carry out initiatives to promote and raise funds.

Nelson and his "campaign machine" THANK all SOLIDARITY, CONFIDENCE AND BELIEF and all the involvement and actions developed by citizens, public and private groups and entities and the press.
We can not at this time individualize our thanks for what we do collectively.
The value raised is of significant importance and will ensure unanticipated collateral expenditures as well as inherent to the stay in the USA, so its use / management will always be public knowledge. In due time, even because we still have money to deposit, we will publish the final amount of donations raised.

Let us record eternally in our memory and heart all your efforts, words, hugs, smiles and tears, and we note above all that it is worth to BELIEVE AND LOVE THE NEXT!

Total Raised

Music in support of Nelson

Our eyes filled with tears and our hearts with hope when we received this surprise 😍 😍

Sebastião has lived the situation closely, has shared his space with us, has given us his family. At the height of his teenage years he might have been indifferent, but he did not stay. This reveals values and good behavior.
He gathered friends, asked his father for help, and made music for Nelson, but also for others whom the cancer afflicted ...Thank you Sebas 💓

Ana Santos

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